Mohit Srivastava is a Global Journalist and Business Intelligence Facilitator.

Mohit is a young independent media practitioner and Director at the Indian Economic Trade Organisation. He participates in foreign delegations to foster bi-lateral cooperation in the field of journalism, advancing technology and corporate & academic connection. 

"Our truth is within us which needs a through introspection. The world is actually a good place to live when we engineer it in our terms. Let's join hands to master our future the way we want to experience".

         - Mohit Srivastava 

Mohit Srivastava is believed to be an incarnation of core Indian values and adept of modern ideals. An ardent perfectionist whose advisory has been appreciated at each level projects and assignments he has been assigned to. 


A graduate of Amity School of Communication, Mohit Srivastava has always been a person to get inspired from and is capable of thinking in and out of the box easing the work environment. He has always worked towards promoting young talents to different competitive opportunities and seen as a visionary of youth empowerment. He says that there is no post where young minds can't thrive and he himself is a right instance.      

Mohit Srivastava was conferred with the highest Amitian honour 'Shri Baljit Shastri' for 'Best in Human and Traditional Values' by Amity University. 


Mohit has practical experience of working whether is it at a luxury five-star workspace or among the community members at a remote village. He has worked with community radio stations in India on global Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and for documenting valuable visuals even during epidemic or pandemic situations. His key motivation behind his never-say-no habit is that he believes that with his way the work would get a high creative pace. 

He has worked with popular names in the media and corporate industry. He has worked as News Editor (Strategic Global Affairs) at Diplomacy Today for covering diplomatic news in New Delhi and has reported from foreign soil as well. Mohit was associated with an NGO named Samadhan Abhiyan to work for eradicating child sex abuse in the country. He has been actively working to unveil the concern behind topics pertaining to international scrutiny. 


He is trained in television and radio broadcast management. A refined communicator himself, Mohit Srivastava has shown his skills on television and radio for matters pertaining to global importance. Append to this, he is a well-known face in the diplomatic world from quite some time now. Getting trained from the Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India, Mohit Srivastava has interviewed and negotiated with ministers, bureaucrats, diplomats and leaders from around the world.

Mohit Srivastava was born in a district of Uttar Pradesh region of India. He grew up in the capital city of India - New Delhi and did his schooling in a CBSE affiliated school. He has always been an opportunity creator than being a seeker. Since the early days of his secondary education, he has been an independent person in terms of finances and socialisation. One of the best qualities that have been gifted to him by the almighty is to be able to interact and communicate with people from all age groups.   

Mohit Srivastava

Mohit Srivastava